Natural Deodorant Malaysia

I do not how is it with you guys, but I certainly can never leave my house without applying deodorant! It’s just the magic of my deodorant that gives me a sort of contentment - knowing I won’t smell even if I perspire badly - that leaves me feeling like “I can nail this day!”, a different kind of ...

Preloved Clothing

First and foremost, if you are reading this, then it’s safe say that you are thinking and wanting to learn about sustainable fashion. THANK YOU for taking this BIG, ADMIRABLE STEP in this journey of being more  sustainable. Sustainability is one of the strongest drives for pre-loved fashion. ...

Organic Facial Cleanser

A crucial part of your skin care routine you should never skip – cleaning your face! Cleansing helps you to get rid of impurities like excess oil, make up, sweat, dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin – refreshing your skin, allowing your complexion to breath, and leaving a clean ...

Leading A Zero Waste Lifestyle!

Leading A Zero Waste Lifestyle in Malaysia The concept of Zero Waste continues to create a buzz around us and tends to create confusion at times too. Let us attempt to explain what it is and what you can do to lead a zero waste lifestyle. Zero Waste simply means to do your best to prevent waste ...

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