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First and foremost, if you are reading this, then it’s safe say that you are thinking and wanting to learn about sustainable fashion. THANK YOU for taking this BIG, ADMIRABLE STEP in this journey of being more  sustainable.

Sustainability is one of the strongest drives for pre-loved fashion. It is a HUGE relief to know that consumers today are becoming more conscious and aware of the alarmingly high consumption of goods, especially textiles.

So, as a treat for your conscious effort, we are now going to share with you important pointers that will make your sustainable-shopping an informed one.

What Is Preloved Shopping

I was first exposed to preloved shopping when a dear friend of mine organized a garage sale which sold secondhand clothes, worn by local celebrities. It was then that I started looking up for more information and was really fascinated by the whole concept. Let me share a few pointers with you newbies (like me)!

When you purchase a piece of clothing or any other item owned by another person before, it is preloved shopping. However, it is this very quality that often stands in the way of consumers opting to purchase preloved item – they go “EW!” at the thought of buying items that once belonged to (loved by) or used by another person. 

However, we, people who chose to look at the brighter side of preloved shopping – the benefits it provides us and to the planet – can’t be bothered if someone else has worn or loved the clothes before, as long as they’re still clean and in good condition.

Adding on, preloved shopping is kinder to your pockets (phewww!) as the items are generally sold at a cheaper price. So, not only does it leave you feeling like a better citizen of this planet (knowing your purchase does not contribute to the fast fashion cycle that is wearing out the world), it also allows you to be a thrifty fashionista!

More good news – preloved shopping often ends up being a treasure hunt! You will come across pieces of clothing or other items you can never find on the racks of regular shopping malls or designer boutiques! Preloved items put up for sale may be of merchandise that are ‘on trend’ or valuable vintage or retro items – you just never know what delicate piece of item or unique pieces of clothing you will find!

However, no matter how many cherries we put on top of your cake, you have to be aware that there are also downsides to preloved shopping (you’ve got to alter your attitude before shopping for preloved items). The first would be, that you have limited options to choose from, in terms of sizes or colours – what you see is what you get. Next, quality standards can be subjective  when it comes to buying second-hand or preloved shopping so make sure to thoroughly check the quality of your desired preloved items before purchasing them.


4 Benefits Of Buying Preloved Clothes

Now that we have some knowledge of what preloved shopping is, let’s look at the benefits of purchasing preloved clothing.

1. You Are Saving The Planet

When a piece of clothing is deemed to be out of season, consumers ditch them and move on to purchase new clothes, not realizing the adverse effect it leaves on the environment. How? 

A lot of energy is dissipated in factories to manufacture clothes and other items. In addition, most of the ‘fast-fashion’ outfits are made of synthetic compounds, which can take hundreds of years to decompose! These clothes end up laying in landfills and releasing mass amounts of carbon dioxide, so when you purchase a secondhand item or a preloved outfit, you are in fact saving an outfit from ending up in the dumpster — and in return you get quality, gorgeous clothes that can last for years to come.

2. You (Potentially) Escape From Unhealthy Clothing

It is great that we are all becoming more conscious, not only of the impact the products we use leave on our environment, but also on health and our body! Unknown to many, synthetic dyes are used in manufacturing ‘fast-fashion’ clothes to give them a high-quality appearance, rendering them unhealthy! 

For example, the brand new ‘super-soft’ cashmere scarf you find in a store is not actually that soft. Chemicals are used to make the scarf softer and more luscious than it actually is. These chemicals will wear down the fabric, and will also be absorbed by your skin. (Side note: Real cashmere is actually a little rough when you buy it, because it softens with age.)

Therefore, opting to buy preloved clothes would definitely save your skin from the effects of all those synthetic chemicals, at the same time, reducing ‘fast-fashion’ clothes that lay in landfills.

3. You Are On Your Way To Becoming A Thrifty Fashionista

Did you know that by purchasing preloved clothes, you can actually ‘make-over’ your entire wardrobe with luxury designers comprised of classic, quality and sustainable clothing! Like we said earlier, you can find clothes sold at just a fraction of its original price when you go for preloved shopping in secondhand shops. Is there any better feeling than piling up on gorgeous outfits for a steal?!

4. Create Your Own Authentic Style With No ‘In-trend’ pressure

One inevitable fact about preloved fashion is that it is super-exciting. For those of you who simply love to mix and match outfits and create your own authentic style, preloved shopping will render you a paradise of crazy findings! What’s more thrilling is that fewer people are likely to have it or have seen it as there are less chances of them coming across the unique pieces of clothes you have found in your secondhand stores.

So, with the classic, timeless, preloved clothes you purchased, have fun creating your own, authentic style instead of blindly following what the trend dictates!

5 Tips For A Fruitful Preloved Shopping Experience!

1. Do Your Research On The Prices

The first thing you have to do before going to a second-hand store or online stores that sell preloved items is to spend some time for research. Learn the market rate of the second-hand goods you desire, as until you have some understanding on the prices of other similar preloved items, you would not know if you are going to get a good deal. 

Some factors you can consider before your preloved shopping:

  • The number of items already available on the market and the prices they are sold at – to give you the upper hand while negotiating (the more items available at different prices, the cheaper you can bargain for!)
  • Bear in mind the shipping cost when you are shopping online! Learn the average asking price, to begin with.

2. Research The Original Selling Price

What you have to understand before going for your preloved shopping trip is – to know the actual  selling price of a brand or the item when purchased new, it’ll help you a great deal in determining the fair price to pay for it when it becomes a preloved item.

We Malaysians are very good bargain-ers, no doubt, but we tend to get carried away sometimes so guys, remember to keep it fair lah! Be considerate and make it a win-win situation yeah!

3. Be Mentally Strong

We know you’re all pumped up to embark on a preloved shopping spree but do remember, expectation kills! Keep your expectations in check. It is essential to always, always keep in mind that ‘preloved’ means it once belonged to someone so there could be imperfections. 

When online shopping for pre-loved items, you can never be too sure with what you land with- sometimes it may be something brand new, or the size may not fit you like how a brand new item would. Be okay with a slight wear-and-tear (not literally) in terms of faded colour or fabric thinning, and BE prepared for dejections when a preloved item that won your heart, at display, turns out be sapped beyond your expectations.

4. Old Is Gold, Gold Is Not Cheap

Vintage, in fashion, dictates years old.

Some may date back to the 19th century, or it can even be a first-edition of a designer’s item, like the vintage Michael Kors handbag . Mind you guys, these preloved fashion items do not always come at a cheap price as they are extremely valuable. You are lucky to even come across such treasures in the first place so don’t be surprised with the heavy price tags and if you can afford it, do invest. You never know how much more the value would go up if and when you decide to sell it next time.

5. Do Not Be Fooled

When purchasing designer preloved fashion outfits or clothes, compare the preloved goods against pictures of the original items to make sure it’s authentic. With so many pirated merchandises in the market these days, it can be difficult to distinguish original designer items from the fake ones so be careful and don’t be conned! 

Be sure to know what an original designer item would look like before placing your order on the preloved one. If you are shopping online, you can always request for more pictures – better safe than sorry.

6. How Well Do You Know The Seller

The internet can be a major lifesaver for preloved goods shoppers – who know how to use it for their advantage, of course!

Look up the preloved item sellers online, read reviews on their business and feedbacks provided by other buyers. You can easily obtain information about how long has the seller been selling items, whether the seller is reliable, the authenticity of their items and many other pointers which can come in extremely handy to determine the seller.

We believe you guys are now ready for your first ever informed preloved shopping experience so let us take you to some of the best second-hand stores that sell preloved clothes in Kuala Lumpur!

5 Places To Buy Second Hand Clothes In KL

1. OkGo Store

A curated thrift store, located at Subang Jaya, offers its customers sustainably sourced goods since 2017. Since they are a curated thrift shop, they’re selective with their merchandise. However, the good news is that, despite the exclusivity, you only need a budget of about RM100 for a new addition to your wardrobe.

Address: 17A, Jalan SS 18/1b, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12PM-9PM | Sunday, 12PM-5PM
Telephone: 011-3775 4723

2. 2nd Street

Also located in Subang Jaya, this 2-storey second hand store boasts a collection of cool jackets, perfect for street style lovers. They sell preloved branded fashion goods like bags, watches and wallets, and they restock their items every day.

Address: A6, Jalan SS 15/8a, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 10AM-10PM
Telephone: 03-5613 4871

Address: 1, Jalan SS 13/3c, Subang Jaya Industrial Estate, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 11AM-8PM
Telephone: 03-5613 487

3. Modo Japan Preloved

A new thrift store in Klang Valley, this second-hand store offers a range of trendy styles, from street to athleisure and casual.

P.S. Look out for high-end tees, especially ones from Ellesse and Tommy Hilfiger, at ridiculously cut-down prices.

Address: 12, Jalan SS15/4B Subang Jaya Selangor
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 1PM-10:30PM
Telephone: 012-381 9666

4. Refash

Refash is the go-to second hand store for preloved dresses in the latest style. The key-factor that makes this store stand out from the rest – you will never find a dirty or outdated dress here as they only accept preloved dresses that are still new and in trend.

Address: Ground Level G085/086, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Daily, 11PM-9PM

Address: Concourse Level C13, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Daily, 11PM-9PM

5. Luxury Vintage

This luxury second hand store sells authentic preloved fashion items at an affordable price. Check out this cool preloved store if you are wishing to own a Gucci or Chanel bag without having to pay full price for the actual items.

Address: G20, Ground Floor, Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 10:30AM-9:00PM
Telephone: 03-42510013

Address: No. 114 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 10:30AM-6.30PM
Telephone: 03-20956266

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