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We are committed to partner  with Brands and Vendors  that share the same values and commitment for conscious, resource-friendly  and sustainable products.  We help our partners create an eco-friendly spirit by asking the right questions  and suggesting easy changes to ensure we are aligned with our  Five Principles and commitment. 

As much as we strive to do our best in ensuring the products we sell meet our aspiration of sustainability commitment, we understand that this is a journey best taken together to understand that each brand is on a journey towards achieving a sustainable way of business, and we are here cheering them on all the way! 

For more information on our values and our commitment, please visit our Core Values page.

Our Value Stamps are easy indicators to help you understand everything you need to know about the brand.  Making conscious decisions can be a very personal choice and means different things to different people. We want to help you make the best  choices based on your values and what matters most to you. We are all different, and that’s what’s great about being part of a community. We learn and teach at the same time.

We’ve done the hard work for you. Through  a thorough vetting process, we have now categorized the products  to ease your  shopping experience. For more information on our values and our commitment, please visit our Core Values page.

You can leave a review directly on the page where the products are displayed and will be published once it’s gone through the proper processes.

At EcoQueen, we support Malaysian brands and sellers. Some of the products may be produced out of Malaysia but are sold by locally registered businesses. Full details such as ingredients and product origin is clearly stated in the description of the products. If you are still unsure and need more information,  you can reach out to the sellers on the platform for more clarity.

As a conscious marketplace, we want to do our best to reduce waste. Reusing items that are still in  good condition and reducing single-use plastic that usually ends up in landfills are some of the habits that we want to nurture and encourage. We also want to reduce our carbon footprint, which means contributing to lessen the effects of climate change. Small steps still create a positive impact.

We are sorry to hear this. Please get in touch with the seller directly using our platform.  You can also refer to our Return & Refund policy for more information.

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