Our Story

EcoQueen is a marketplace that aggregates sustainable beauty, personal care and lifestyle products sold by local eco-conscious & ethical brands.
We want to provide our community with an opportunity for greater environmental stewardship and social responsibility by making conscious choices that benefit the environment and the people.
So we asked ourselves. Where do we start?

We realized that there are many people just like us, wanting to do more for the planet and live in a just and equitable world. But it’s hard to make sense of every jargon, choice, cause and trend and make sense of it all. 


As a conscious marketplace, EcoQueen will do the hard work and help you with your shopping experience.
We will do the research and provide you with the details to help you make better choices.
Each brand we partner with has been carefully selected to ensure our values and principles are aligned. We want you to consume products that are kinder to the environment and get hold of it in the easiest way possible. We hold all suppliers and manufacturers to the same high standards and accountability that we hold for ourselves.
We are committed to making resource-friendly choices that benefit our customers and the planet—from materials, suppliers and the vendors we choose, to the way we get each product to you. No compromises.

Our Mission Is Guided By These Three Pillars

To Inspire
To inspire you to make ethical choices and support businesses that promote mindfulness for a healthy planet and people
To Be Kind
To be kind to our health and environment
To Give Back
We want to give back to the community around us by supporting social enterprises and businesses that share our spirit and values

We are looking for
brands to work with us

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