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Fill in our form to help us understand more about your brand and product

Our team will be in touch to understand more about the products and information information on ingredients and process of manufacturing is established.

EcoQueen has the right to accept or reject your products if it does not meet the requirement

It is absolutely FREE as it’s part of our introductory offer and this covers registration, commission or listing. To sustain our business, we would need to start charging in the near future but be assured that you will get plenty of notice from us on this.

Sellers will manage the delivery of the items.

All items must be packed according to EcoQueen’s requirement :

  • We encourage less waste in your packaging and we promote no plastic usage. If needed, then please look at alternatives such as compostable bags or bio-degradable bags.
  • Boxes are encouraged (feel free to use recycled boxes)

EcoQueen will manage promotions in various channels including social media. Personalised marketing and targeted plans will be developed at a separate cost and we will provide an opportunity to vendors to take advantage  of these special promotions.

Yes, you can. Shipping charges will be borne by customers but let’s talk more. Contact us please.

More details on this will be shared in due course.

This is definitely in our plan but not at the moment .

Yes we can add your own return policy and shipping fees. However, it’s your responsibility to send us your updated policy, otherwise you’ll automatically rely on our default terms which is published on EcoQueen’s  policy.

Yes, of course! Do let us know why you have decided so though. That way we can improve our services.

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