EcoQueen’s Conscious Values

At EcoQueen, we want to take good care of the place we all call home. We want to do this by working together with brands that share our same values and spirit towards a real commitment to a healthier social and ecological impact.

We also are in this for the long haul, which means we are working with brands to help them to shift their business practices to be kinder to the planet and people.

All the brands that work with us are vetted on FIVE PRINCIPLES before they come on board with us:


Natural and good for planet and people

Ethically sourced ingredients
Supply Chain & Manufacturing
Pay attention to product supply chains and understanding their journey

Made with awareness of fair labor and impact to climate change

Packaging recyclability and Earth-friendly materials

Strive for plastic alternatives (may not be easy, but we can certainly try)
Accreditation & Certification
Demonstrates a commitment to quality, sustainability and safety through certification or accreditation


Making an impact in the community through philanthropy, job opportunities, eco-consciousness and a deeper commitment to a healthier planet and people.
We know that change will only happen when we take the first step. At EcoQueen, we love companies that want to make this work!

That’s why we are committed to be transparent in our communications and encourage our vendors to do the same, creating a shopping experience based on accurate and informed research.

We are guided by United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

EcoQueen will do our best to encourage brands to efficiently use our natural resources, organic fabrics,
implement less wasteful practices and avoid hazardous chemicals in their processes.

We hope to be able to strike a balance and continue to create awareness on the benefits of
being kind to the earth and people while at the same time providing an avenue for businesses that do good to thrive.

We make it easy for you to make conscious choices that are close to your heart

Our value stamps represent key characteristics of products to ensure that causes you care about are easily identified.

We are looking for
brands to work with us

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