Organic Facial Cleanser

A crucial part of your skin care routine you should never skip – cleaning your face! Cleansing helps you to get rid of impurities like excess oil, make up, sweat, dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin – refreshing your skin, allowing your complexion to breath, and leaving a clean and smooth foundation for your other skin care products like moisturizers and make up.

Facial Cleanser – 101

As the name suggests, facial cleansers are products created exclusively to remove unwanted substances like dirt, excess oil, sunscreen, makeup, and dead skin cells from our face, preventing clogged pores which will eventually lead to acne and breakouts. It also exfoliates our skin, without stripping the outermost layer of the skin on our face. 

They come in various forms so it is important that you choose one that best works for you (we will guide you through, no worries), according to your skin type and lifestyle. 

Now, for those of you who are just beginning to incorporate a proper skin care routine into your everyday hygiene practice, you have to know that facial cleanser can (and should) be distinguished from face washers – do not get’em mixed up! 

Generally, both face washers and facial cleaners has the same ‘job’ but  what makes them different is this :  a facewash is a foaming cleanser that has to be washed off while a facial cleanser is non-foaming and needs to be wiped off and not washed away.

Why Are Organic Facial Cleansers The Better Choice

Skin care experts have voiced out their concerns on effects of synthetic ingredients in regular cosmetics products and many recommend the use of organic facial cleansers. Unlike regular facial cleansers, organic skin care products contain neither pesticide residues nor harmful ingredients which potentially cause allergies or even cancer when used over a long period.

Besides our skin, organic facial cleansers are also kind to the environment. Compared to conventional farming, organic agriculture has always been more sustainable. Hence, you will, in fact, be contributing to the protection of our environment indirectly and reducing your carbon footprint, when you opt for organic facial cleansers.

Disclaimer: Organic and natural products have always been the safer choice, however, it is best to consult your skin care specialist before switching to any new products if your skin is prone to allergies as organic facial cleansers may contain natural ingredients, like rosemary and lemon oil, which may irritate your skin.

Which Facial Cleanser Is The Best For Your Skin Type?

Different skin types have different needs. When you are choosing a skin care product, always make sure it accommodates the wellness of your skin type. 

Getting rid of every trace of impurities from your skin allows it to breath, repair and renew itself. It also allows your other skin care products to penetrate your skin better and perform their duties more efficiently. That is why, it is absolutely necessary to do this right, as a first step in your skin care routine. 

It is easy to be overwhelmed with the many options available in the market, all proudly boasting their numerous, appealing benefits but learning the difference will allow you to choose the best one that fits your (skin) needs.

To the few lucky ones with a normal skin type, feel free to explore any type of cleanser as long as your skin tolerates it!

1. Gel cleansers

As the name suggests, gel cleansers are gel-like, clear substance. They are made for deep cleansing and are very effective at unclogging pores, getting rid of excess oil and destroying bacteria that causes acne, thanks to their antiseptic and exfoliating properties.

Best for oily and combination skin

2. Cream cleansers

These are generally thick, creamy, and has moisturizing contents like botanical oils. Cream cleansers will gently clean your skin without removing its natural oils. They may come in ‘milk’ or ‘lotion’ form.

Best for dry and sensitive skin

3. Foam cleansers

These lightweight cleansers will start out as cream or gel and burst into rich, foamy lather. They remove excess oil as good as gel cleansers.

Best for oily and combination skin

4. Oil cleansers

The idea of washing your face with oil may freak you out as your head may be filled with visions of breakouts, but guys, take a chill pill as most of the skin experts actually say the opposite! Oil cleansers will remove impurities which will clog your pores – including waterproof makeup- without drying your skin. 

Best for most skin types.

5. Clay cleansers

These cleansers have absorbing power – they clean your skin by getting rid of the excess oil and toxins from your pores. 

Best for oily and combination skin

6. Micellar cleanser

This cleanser originates from France. The micellar waters feature “micelles”— or tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water which attract oil, dirt and makeup. Also, this cleanser does not require rinsing with water after application. 

Best for dry and sensitive skin

7. Powder cleansers

These powdered, soft cleansers will dissolve into a creamy concoction when in comes into contact with water, and will thoroughly cleanse your skin while exfoliating it gently. Powder cleansers can contain ingredients like rice starch or chickpea flour, which are kinder on the environment, unlike old-school physical exfoliants like those containing beads.

Best for oily and sensitive skin

8. Bar cleansers

Some of these cleansers contain very little soap while others have none at all. They are skin-friendly and luxurious, and also give you more skin-friendly pH levels in addition to nutrient-rich, highly moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerine and essential oils. In addition, this is considered one of the best choice – for being a greener choice than liquid soaps because the packaging materials—primarily paper and cardboard—break down more easily in landfills than plastic packaging.

Best for oily and combination skin

Before trying out any (new) skin care products, do a ‘patch test’ – apply a small amount on the underside of your arm and wait for 24 hours. Generally, the product is deemed safe if you do not notice any reaction within a day.

6 Steps To Probably Wash Your Face With A Facial Cleanser

Now that we know facial cleanser is inevitably the foundation of our skin care routine, it is time we learn to use the right techniques to receive the best of its benefits! You may think these steps are pretty simple but remember guys, a beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle!

Here are 6 techniques to reap the benefits of facial cleanser you should always remember before washing your face!

1. Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands first guys! You don’t want dirty hands touching your face, do you? This prevents the bacteria from your hands to transfer to your face.

2. Wet Your Hands And Face

When using a rinse-off facial cleanser, make sure your hands and face are wet before applying the cleanser on your face.

3. Be gentle

Be kind to your face. Don’t be harsh. You will hurt your skin if you scrub it roughly when you’re cleansing your face.

4. Massage While Cleansing

There is no wrong time ever to fit in a massage session! Make use of your skin care routine to pamper yourself a little and give yourself a satisfying facial massage. Gently apply your facial cleanser in circular motions, using the tip of your fingers with light pressure before rinsing it off.

5. Do Not Over-Do It

Using your facial cleanser twice a day is good enough. Excessive washing can produce dry, irritated skin which will eventually prompt your skin to produce too much oil.

6. Pick What’s Best For You

Learn your skin and pick the right type of facial cleanser which will work best for you. No matter how tempted you are to use the ‘amazing’ facial cleanser your best friend uses, it won’t be as amazing or do as much justice to your face if you both do not share the same type of skin.

6 Organic Facial Cleansers In Malaysia

Now that you are a ‘pro’ facial cleanser user, let us show you 6 of the best organic facial cleansers in Malaysia!

1. KORA Organics Gentle Cleanser

Packed with certified organic noni fruit, chamomile, calendula extracts and avocado oil, this cleanser by Miranda Kerr is a soap-free creamy texture that will soothe and calm your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and soft. It also effectively removes makeup, relieves redness, and keeps skin hydrated all day long.

2. 100% Pure Coconut Oil Cleansing Milk

Rich with all essentials of the tropical fruit – from coconut milk to coconut oil to coconut water – this cleanser will leave your natural oils out of its purifying process and will gently remove all other impurities from your skin.

3. The MineRaw Refresh Face Cleanser

Kinder to your pocket and amazing in quality, TheMineraw Refresh Face Cleanser best fits all skin types. A major plus of this organic facial is that it can also be used as a mask as it is foam-free and comes in a powder foam! With a long-life span, this product lasts longer in powder form.

4. Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Cleansing Melt

The ultimate remedy stressed ang ageing skin, this two-in-one cleanser by Neals’s Yard Remedies, is manufactured with an immoderate blend of organic sunflower, sweet almond and refined coconut oils. It gets rid of all impurities, residues and makeup on your skin.

5. The Soap Cellar Tea Tree Organic Foaming Facial Wash 

The key ingredient of this organic foaming facial cleanser is the ever-famous, tea tree oil, known for its antibacterial properties! Tea tree oil can effectively combat acne breakouts. Other substances like shea butter and coconut oil will further provide your skin ample amounts of hydration which will speed up the recovery process of acne and scars.

6. Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar Soap

A vegan and cruelty-free organic skin care product, this multipurpose cleansing soap bar can be used on the face and the rest of your body. Packed with a blend of potent ingredients like activated bamboo charcoal and tea tree essential oil, this cleanser can effectively remove dirt and oil from your pores while calming and purifying your skin and is suitable for all skin types especially oily, combination and blemish-prone skin.

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