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I do not how is it with you guys, but I certainly can never leave my house without applying deodorant! It’s just the magic of my deodorant that gives me a sort of contentment – knowing I won’t smell even if I perspire badly – that leaves me feeling like “I can nail this day!”, a different kind of confidence.

However, it got me thinking, how and why a small amount of solution bottled in a tiny container with a roller on top could hold such power, that it could determine the way I feel throughout my entire day! Is it safe? Am I addicted to it? Will it harm my skin if I continue using it forever?

If these questions are also running in your head, you my friend, have landed on the right page as I am going to share with you what I have learned during my journey to seek the answers.


First and foremost, do you even know what is a deodorant?

Deodorant is a skincare product that keeps your underarm fresh. It attacks the bacteria on your skin to prevent the smell from escaping your armpits. This makes it different from antiperspirants, which works by inhibiting sweat.

Do you know why sweat stinks? It is because, when we sweat, the bacteria on our skin breaks down the fat and protein, resulting in the release of the unbearable stinking odour, and sometimes, an itchy armpit. 

Hence, when you apply deodorant, it gets rid of the bacteria and therefore, relieving you from all the traumatic experiences you might have to go through – just because you perspire, like a normal human would!


Did You Know Your Deodorant Could Be The Reason For Your Dark Armpit?

The discolouration of your skin is called hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a totally harmless skin condition (in itself) that darkens a part your skin, and sadly, more common among dark-skinned people, as they are already packed with more melanin compared to those with lighter skin (how unfair!).

What causes hyperpigmentation?

There are many causes for this woeful skin condition but mostly they occur due to long term use of  a deodorant that affects your skin. When you have skin prone to darkening (due to genetics or a unique skin type), some deodorant formulas may not be suitable for you, and as a result, your skin produces adverse reaction by warning  you to stop using that particular product – listen to your skin.

However, in general, you have to watch out for the following substances in your deodorant as they are highly associated with skin darkening and not to scare any of you, but some of these are also linked to causing cancer.

1. Alcohol

“Temporary fun with permanent damages” – how true is this saying! Alcohol is an ingredient used in deodorants to keep the armpits of its users dry, hence, leads to more friction which then makes skin thicker and darker!

2. Parabens And Aluminum Chloride

These ingredients are commonly used in the production of skin care products, and deodorants are no exception. Paraben is a type of preservative, while aluminium chloride is a substance that has the ability to stop your skin from producing sweat. The presence of these two ingredients in your deodorant can lead to redness, swelling, itching, hives, and eventually, to hyperpigmentation.

3. Triclosan

This particular substance is added to your deodorant formula to hinder bacteria contamination, and to kill the bacteria on your skin. However, some animal studies show that triclosan is associated with abnormal hormone activity, and that it could meddle with the day-to-day activities of your genes. In addition to that, these researches have also revealed that triclosan may damage thyroid function, an operation that is essential for brain development.

4. Fragrance

Of course, when you want your deodorant to smell good, you will also have to face the adverse effects the fragrance of your deodorant will have on your skin. Since scents are protected under trade law, you would never know what harmful substances might be concealed under this particular term but experts claim  that even smelling these scents can cause allergic reactions.

5. Talcum Powder

This ingredient is used to absorb moisture and reduce friction so the deodorant can glide over your skin easily. According to, talc has cancer-causing agent – asbestos – in its natural form, and is linked with ovarian and lung cancers.


The Ultimate Solution – Go for Organic and Natural Deodorant!

Have no fear when natural deodorant is here!

Guys, the sad truth is that, deep down, we always know organic and natural deodorants are BETTER choices. They have no harmful chemicals – safer to your skin, and to the environment. However, one factor that stops us from buying natural deodorants are our assumptions that they are hard to find (compared to regular deodorants available  everywhere) and that they will be too pricey (most natural cosmetics are deemed to be more expensive than they really are).

By introducing some amazing ingredients commonly found in natural deodorants –that also works magic on your skin, I am going to convince you that it is worth paying the price for this natural product (although they are really not that expensive) – plus, you can get them online. So there is actually no struggle involved in getting hold of them.

1. Natural Oil – Forms The Base

Most of the natural deodorants have coconut oil or other natural oils as solid bases for the deodorant stick. Coconut oil is famous for its healing properties, so it’s not a surprise that natural deodorants delivers the natural oil’s magic. This creamy, lotion-like oil is often the go-to remedy to calm dry, itchy skin.  According to the  Journal of International Dermatology, virgin coconut oil is able to improve skin barrier function in patients with atopic dermatitis.

2. Powders & Starch – Moisture Absorption & Smell Control

Powders such as baking soda and arrowroot soak up moisture, and destroys bacteria that causes the stinking sweat smell. Therefore, they are used as key ingredients to produce an effective natural deodorant.

3. Essential Oils – Antiseptic & Scent 

The antibacterial properties of essential oil attacks the odour before it is even produced. Essential oils that are made from aromatic ingredients like rosemary, sage, lemon grass, and tea tree oil greatly elevate the scent of natural deodorants.

4. Wax – Texture

Natural waxes like beeswax and candelilla wax give the natural deodorants a waxy and glossy consistency, making them have a similar appearance to that of the regular ones.

So, have I convinced you guys that natural deodorants are the best? Already thinking of where to find them and what brands you should go for? 

I can help you guys with that too. Here are some of the best natural deodorants in Malaysia for you (and your kids), where you can find them, and how much they are going to cost you.


Best Natural Deodorants In Malaysia

1. Smelly-No-More Crystal Deodorant

This deodorant by Total Image is made of natural mineral salts, evens out dark patch on your armpits, gets rid of body odour and has a lasting limit of 24 hours! It also saves your clothes from staining. 

*Shopee Malaysia: RM13.90

*Watsons Malaysia: RM16.88

2. Essentials Solid Deodorant

This cost-saving natural deodorant from ARM & HAMMER is made of natural plant extracts and baking soda. It is cost-saving, and helps to get rid of your sweat’s odour, without leaving that yellowish stain we all dread on your clothes. 

Bonus: This natural deodorant does not melt easily, even in Malaysia’s heat! 

*Lazada Malaysia: RM18.90

3. Manuka Honey Deodorant

Dr Organic gives us this amazing natural manuka honey deodorant with its key ingredient being aloe vera extract to treat sensitive skin. Put your faith in honey, and kiss that sweat stink goodbye for good!

*Shopee Malaysia: RM27.93

4. Deodorant Stone

Kids who are more active throughout the day, do have a tendency to smell (stink) sometimes. Hence, deodorants are equally important for them, and it is crucial that children are kept away from chemical-based products.

Crystal Mineral’s Deodorant Stone provides us a natural deodorant for our kids, and serves its purpose by lasting throughout an entire day while destroying odour-causing bacteria on their skin. 

*Lazada Malaysia: RM35.90

5. Natural Crystal Roll-on Deodorant


Salt of The Earth’s natural deodorant great even for children. This deodorant is made of pure mineral salt, has no fragrance, and leaves salt residue that hinders bacteria (ones that causes smell especially) from growing. 

To use, simply wet the crystal, roll it on your (or your child’s armpits), and make sure to wash the crystal after use.

*Lazada Malaysia: RM37.05

*Disclaimer: The prices shown above are just a rough indication of their worth and are subject to change.

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