Top 10 Organic Beauty & Skincare Brands in Malaysia

We appreciate that consumers of the current generation are now becoming more attentive of the well-being of our environment – regardless of age or gender, but unfortunately, this awareness has also opened doorways for beauty brands to come up with fancy terms for their ‘environmentally-friendly’ beauty and skincare products.

However, the questions you need to ask yourself are…

  • Do You Know What To Look For In Organic Beauty Products?
  • How Concerned Are You About What Is In The Products You Apply On Your Skin, How Are They Produced Or Where Do They Come From?

To be able to have sure answers, you must first learn your terms.

What Is The Difference Between Organic Beauty Products And Natural Beauty Products?

Before we enlighten you further, it is important to keep in mind that the conflict of making the right choice of environmentally-friendly beauty or skincare products begin with “What are ‘natural products’ and ‘organic products’?” 

What is Natural Products?

Any products that are made from renewable sources of Earth, like plants and minerals, are natural. They contain raw materials instead of chemicals – ingredients that are found in nature. In natural products, ingredients go through the least amount of processing, which minimizes the negative impacts on our dear Earthlings, but do not be fooled as any product can be labelled ‘natural’ even if it contains 1% of natural substance!

  • Must natural beauty products necessarily be organic? NO.
  • Are they vegan? Some are while SOME ARE NOT.
  • Is it true that natural skincare and beauty products are ALL cruelty-free products? NO. 

What is Organic Products?

Organic beauty and skincare brands use sustainable, organically-farmed ingredients. They are composed of crops grown free from pesticides and man-made fertilizers. It is this very quality of organic products that make it different from natural products, as natural products are not necessarily produced from raw materials which are grown without artificial, or commonly known as man-made fertilizers. Similar to natural products, it only takes a minuscule of an organic component to label a product ‘organic’.

  • Are ALL organic beauty products natural? NO.
  • Are ALL vegan products organic? NO.
  • Are ALL organic skincare and beauty products not tested on animals? NO.

So, What Have We Learned From This?

That….it is extremely important to read the label on every product off the shelf! It is very easy to trick consumers who do not take the necessary measures to ensure that the products they purchase, are really what they’re labelled to be!


How To Read Label On Beauty Brands If We Are Looking For Organic Products!

So, we know that these are the information we will find on the labels of our favourite natural or organic skin care and beauty brands:

  • brand name and product name
  • product type/purpose and description
  • ingredient list
  • symbols
  • the product weight or volume (net contents)
  • usage/storage directions
  • manufacturer contact details.

However, the two essential codes that we have to unlock to understand what is contained in our products are:

  • the ingredient lists
  • symbols

Generally, other than its name and basic ‘beauty’ features, a beauty brand will provide us with the list of ingredients in the product – the INCI list. INCI means “International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients” and is a naming system for ingredients based on scientific nomenclature.

Now, the INCI list might seem confusing and frightening at first BUT please do not feel intimidated ladies and gentlemen. Take out that smartphone of yours and GOOGLE it! The world is at our fingertips, right? Take all the time you need and educate yourselves on the ingredients used to compose your favourite beauty and skincare products! Plus, it is not like you will have to do it EVERY TIME you purchase the product, just the first time lah..okay what!


Coming to the order of the ingredients listed, did you guys know that the ingredients are listed in descending order from greater to the least amount present in the product (except ingredients present at a concentration of less than 1%; those can be listed in any order)?? PAY ATTENTION people, do not let them beauty brands trick you!

Also, at the end of an INCI list, you will find the allergens listed. This can be a little difficult, as most of us are still unaware of what our skin is allergic to so we suggest when you guys decide to try a new product for the first time, apply a small portion of that product on a small part of yourself and wait for 24 hours for any adverse reaction. If there is none, YAYYY!! However, if you notice anything abnormal, go to the doctor immediately AND note the ingredients of that product so the next time you go shopping, you will know what to avoid. Shopping for beauty products is all about experimenting and discovering guys so do not be afraid to try, or you will NEVER KNOW!

Next, let us talk about SYMBOLS. It is common that we find various symbols on the labels of our organic or natural beauty and skincare products but do we ever try to learn what they symbolize? OK let us not panic..we do not have to know by heart ALL the symbols that exist but some symbols can be very useful, delivering to us key information about a product at a glance while others can be more misleading or difficult to decode.

Certain symbols are official seals or logos that are given to a product (or a company) by an external certification organization, while others are created by the brand to give an impression of a specific quality.

Official symbols will indicate:

  • The expiry date of the product or Period After Opening.
  • Important or legally required information.
  • If the packaging can be recycled.
  • If the product has been certified to a particular organization’s standards.

So ladies and gentlemen, the next you go for organic or natural beauty product shopping, DO NOT RUSH and educate yourselves please! After all, the best investment you can make is in yourself!

How We, Ecoqueen Can Help With That!

ECOQUEEN respects its customers’ choice to enhance their beauty and care for themselves while also contributing to the preservation of our environment. However, we also recognize that some of you are willing to be a little flexible with your choice of environmentally-friendly products. So, we have decided to provide you a haven of Malaysia skincare brands and beauty products that are organic and natural. Now you get to choose product that best suits your requirements when it comes to your beauty, skincare and your daily needs!

All types of ‘eco-friendly’ cosmetics products under one roof! A heavenly scene for anyone who wishes to amplify their charms and contribute to preserving our beautiful planet, while not being lenient on the conditions.

We ensure that the products that are sold in ECOQUEEN have gone through a stringent process of verification and checks. We give our utmost priority to serving every customer that walks in our store with a satisfaction – THE ONE YOU GET WHEN YOU FINALLY FIND WHAT YOU SEEK!

10 Organic Beauty Brands in Malaysia That Offer All-Natural Products Your Skin Will Love!

Don’t worry if you are unsure of where to start when it comes to organic and natural products. We’ve done the homework for you.

Here’s a list of brands that promises to be kind to your skin and mother nature:

1. Claire Organics

The soother balm from Claire’s organic is one of their best-selling products. While Claire’s organic is known to be gentle on skin, this product is sought after especially by those who have sensitive skin and those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema. Blended with pure essential oils, avocado oil and shea butter, this balm will moisturize and restore healthy skin to its users.

2. Lave Republic

Shampoo bars are an amazing creation and where better to look if not at Lave Republic. This homegrown brand has a huge following for their products and one of the best sellers we would like to suggest you try is the Rise Up Shampoo Bar (we love all the names of their products too!). Made with a combination of YlangYlang, lavender and rosemary essential oils, the shampoo is able to help control hair loss.

3. Root Remedies

Root Remedies strives to produce products that are natural and organic that’s kind to your skin. Their ingredients consist mainly of essential oils, plant extracts and natural nutrients, and contain no harmful chemicals. The Tumeric Lemon roll on eye serum is our favourite product from Root Remedies. The roller bottle helps massage the under eyes while reducing eye bags and relieving tiredness.

4. The Mine Raw

If you are looking for a product that will help you bring out your inner glow then the Glow Serum from Mineraw is what you need to look out for. This oil-based serum moisturizer is suitable for all skin types even for those who are acne prone and does wonders to your skin. Pair it with the Gua Sha stone and start a skincare ritual that promotes relaxation, relieves tension, and provides a lifting sensation to stimulate your face.

5. Kopara Essentials

Here is another amazing product you need to try. It’s an all-natural (and organic) multipurpose product that nourishes your hair, skin and nails! Kopara’ Golden Jojoba Oil is made by unrefined and cold-pressed Jojoba oil and German chamomile essential oil. When researching, we were impressed by the many benefits this product could offer and we weren’t disappointed with the result. So much value for your money too!

6. Tanamera

This is our recommendation for mummies to be or if you are looking for a gift for your pregnant friends. This pre- natal set is made up of Tanamera Smooth Tummy Oil, 100% Natural Concentrated Mouth Refresher, Overall Calming Spray,Brown Formulation Soap,and  their popular  Tropical Lulur Scrub. Tanamera is synonymous with natural wellness and body care backed with their years of experience and expertise of blending natural herbs and essential oils, this gift set is sure winner (if there was a completion of the best gifts)!

7. ARO Sarawak

The Sarawakian company uses natural ingredients and aims to capture the spirit of nature and scents from the rainforest of Borneo to bring you a whole range of beauty and care products. From the range of scrubs, face creams and serums our favourite is the Peppermint Lip Scrub. Made with organic olive oil, sugar and natural peppermint paste, these scrubs are actually edible.

8. Herbivore Botanicals

If you didn’t already know that sea water is good for you then we are here to share with you that it doesn’t just do wonders to your soul but it also does wonderful things to your skin and hair. The Coconut + Sea Salt Beach Wave Hair Mist from Herbivore Botanicals (available at Sephora in Malaysia) is made with the same salinity as Pacific Ocean saltwater to naturally give your hair the beachy texture and waves to your hair. You can also use it to cleanse and detoxify your skin.

9. Kora Organics

Kora Organics is the brainchild of the beautiful Miranda Kerr and her skincare range is certified organic and uses only natural ingredients. Ecoqueen’s selected star item from her brand would be the refreshing Balancing Rose Mist. It can be used as toner after cleansing and can also be used as a spritz on top of makeup to give that skin and extra glow. Apparently, this is how Miranda always looks so glowy and fresh.

10. RMS Beauty

It’s only natural to trust a brand that is linked to a subject matter expert, right? Makeup artist Rosie-Marie Swift, RMS Beauty products are not cheap but it’s helpful knowing that our investment is on products that are non-toxic yet nourishing. If you are looking for eye shadows that are made out of natural pigments and good for your skin, then this may be your solution. It’s said to be great to soothe and moisturise the delicate skin of the eye area. These shadows help for dry or aging eyes.


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