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Here at Libra Wellness, we believe that wellness begins with better — better ingredients, better for the environment, better for you. Which is why we are committed to bringing the best personal care and household products straight to your doorstep.

What makes our products unique? 

✅ Plant-based formula from Australia

✅ Certified natural ingredients

✅ No harmful ingredients – free from SLS, parabens, alcohol, etc.

✅ Cruelty-free – Leaping Bunny certified

✅ Sustainable palm oil supply chain – RSPO certified

✅ Eco-conscious – Greywater and septic safe

Our Backstory

Libra Wellness was founded by Jeremy Andrus and Carmen Khor, a married couple who uprooted their life in Chicago and migrated to Carmen’s hometown in Malaysia during the COVID-19 outbreak.

After settling in Malaysia, the couple struggled to find personal care products for Jeremy’s sensitive skin. Many products have left his skin irritated or broken out in a rash. And when they discovered that there aren’t comparable products that worked effectively and still catered to various skin sensibilities already in the market, they knew they had to create and curate their own.

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